If you opened this link from an app - like Facebook - all your data will be stored in that app's own browser! This means all your colors will only be accessible if you open Huebris from that app. You should open it directly in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or your web browser of choice.

To do so, usually you can just click more_vert and select Open in Browser. From there you can create a bookmark, or shortcut on your home screen for quick access to Huebris.

When in doubt, you can also just type this website into Safari, Chrome, or Firefox:

Welcome to Huebris

Huebris is your personal catalog for all the colors in your collection. Art supplies, paints, make-up, clothing - you name it, huebris can handle it! All the data is stored in your own phone, not in some big data server somewhere. Photos never leave your computer or phone - they're used to extract colors, then discarded.

Warning! It's a work in progress, and just a sketch, so use at your own risk. Everything is subject to change. Or break. Or cease to exist.

Huebris was designed and coded by Jahn Johansen.