A selection of coding projects I've worked on.


My most popular work. I analyzed the color palettes of various Pokemon to study color theory.

It spawned several spin-off sites and was featured in Polygon and VICE.

Poképalette Redux

This is a new version of the Poképalettes that makes use of color quantization. It generates more representative, restricted palettes.


A personal color catalog for all your art supplies or make-up. Colors are scannable via your camera. Suggests palettes.

Website Palette Generator

Another neat trick with color quantization. Generates a palette for a website using a photo as reference. Plays very well with artworks and photography!

Diatonic Chord Flash Cards

A simple flash card tool for the essential chords when playing guitar. They play nicely with a capo.


ReQuest is a fully-featured HTTP server written in Lua. It has support for WebSockets.

Design Doc Template

I authored a template for game design documents. It's useful to help unify a small team on a game project.


Quantize.js is a color quantization library written in JavaScript. It can find the dominant color/color palettes of an image. It's written from scratch and twice as fast as ColorThief.

Sample photo by Mikhail Fetsik.


TinySMF is a JavaScript library for reading and writing MIDI (SMF) files. Its goal is quite a bit different from MIDI.js.


This is an add-on for the Godot game engine that reads and displays TODO comments from scripts.

Scene Notes

This is an add-on for the Godot game engine that aids in documenting your game's scene graphs/hierachies.